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Cliché Day Chronicles: Cutting Through the Job Search Jargon

Cliché day: it’s time to have a candid chat. Just like your well-meaning auntswho insists you won’t find love until you “stop looking,” the job search realm is riddled with well-worn phrases that, while carrying shards of truth, can sometimes leave us more bemused than enlightened.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and sift through these time-honored gems, shall we? Here’s our take at

Cliché #1: “Just Be Yourself”

Sounds like something out of a feel-good movie, right? But here’s the rub – the workplace is not Hollywood, and you’re not in a rom-com. Being yourself doesn’t mean letting it all hang out, warts and all. It means bringing your authentic best to the table: your genuine strengths, your unfeigned enthusiasm, and yes, your real personality, but tailored for a professional stage.

Cliché #2: “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”

Our parents’ generation might nod approvingly at this one, but let’s face it – waiting around is not a strategy. In today’s fast-paced world, good things come to those who hustle while they wait. So go on, upskill yourself, make those connections, and maybe brush up on that conversational Dutch. ‘Stay your man’, and make “waiting” active, not passive.

Cliché #3: “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know”

In the labyrinth of LinkedIn and the melee of meet-and-greets, there’s a kernel of truth here. Connections can and do open doors. But let’s not downplay expertise. It’s a dance of both – your knowledge and your network, each step choreographed to the beat of your career goals.

Cliché #4: “Find a Job You Love, and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”

Oh, if only it were that simple, we’d all be living the dream, wouldn’t we? Passion is important, but let’s not forget about bills, shall we? A job you love is a fantastic goal, but a job that loves you back – with stability, growth opportunities, and a decent paycheck – now that’s relationship goals.

Cliché #5: “Shoot for the Moon. Even if You Miss, You’ll Land Among the Stars

As much as we love celestial metaphors, let’s keep it real. Aiming high is about setting ambitious, yet attainable goals. It’s about stretching your capabilities, not launching into an unrealistic orbit. Set your sights on achievable targets that challenge you, and who knows, you might just find yourself among the stars without needing a spacesuit.

Cliché #6: “Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have”

Even if your interview is via Zoom, dressing the part is not about donning a suit of armor. It’s about embodying the role you aspire to—professionally and mentally. Whether that means a tailored blazer or a smart, clean-cut shirt, make sure your attire whispers (not shouts) “I’m ready for that corner office.”

Cliché #7: “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”

This one has legs (or wings). Being early in the job market often means being ahead of the competition. Yet, while the early bird is busy catching the worm, the savvy bird is making sure it’s the right worm and the perfect fit for its nest. Timeliness and fit – that’s the winning combo.

Cliché #8: “It’s a Numbers Game”

Spraying and praying your CV across the job market might seem like playing the odds, but it’s as effective as throwing hagelslag at bread and hoping it sticks. Tailoring your approach, finessing your CV for the role at hand, and targeting your search? Now, that’s playing smart.

Cliché #9: “Follow Your Passion”

A heartwarming idea, to be sure, but let’s not forget about skill and demand. Your passion for underwater basket weaving is commendable, but unless there’s a market for it, it might just remain a hobby. The trick is finding the crossroads between what fires you up and what the market will pay for.

Cliché #10: “Fake It Till You Make It”

Confidence? Essential. Bluffing? Risky business. Rather than faking it, frame it. Focus on what you do bring to the table. Be candid about what you’re eager to learn. Employers aren’t looking for perfection; they’re searching for potential.

At, we’re here to help you navigate the job search waters with a fresh perspective, free of the cliché-ridden currents.

So here’s to Cliché Day – may it remind us to delve deeper into these well-meaning adages and emerge with actionable insights that truly propel us forward. After all, a cliché is just a misunderstood piece of advice, waiting to be redeemed by the right interpretation.

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