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Van Hessen is a leading global player in the harvesting, processing and distribution of natural casings, meat products and pharmaceutical products. Van Hessen is active in more than 28 countries and employs more than 6000 people.


In the tight IT market, Van Hessen also struggled to fill its open IT vacancies, including the vacancy for a JDedwards developer. We have the honor to take up this challenge. The solution: limitless recruiting.

It turned out that the suitable JDedwards developer who fits both the position and the organization could not be found in the Netherlands, not even in Europe. That is why we have used our international network to find and screen the right candidates.

THE RESULT #1. In the end, we found the right candidate in Brazil. After a trial period, this JDedwards developer started working at Van Hessen. Nice detail: this entire process took less than 6 weeks.

THE RESULT #2: involved in filling all (inter)national vacancies. We are now involved in filling all (inter)national vacancies, and we have filled roles as controller, business developers and system engineers from the Netherlands to Vietnam or South Africa.

A great collaboration in which we have now grown into a full HR partner, a result of which we are more than proud! Does your organization also have trouble filling international IT vacancies? We are happy to help you.

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