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The benefits of freelance combined with the security of a permanent contract

The best of both worlds, right? That is fitlance at You’ll have the freedom to choose your own assignements and determine your own holidays, but also the security of our safety net. In addition to this, we will also take care of all administrative matters.

Fitlance at

Here at we are currently using fitlance mostly for IT-focused jobs. However, this does not mean that we are not open to other markets, sectors, roles or suggestions. We know how to make fitlance fun – for our clients, but also for you! We achieve this by creating fitting solutions for our clients. Every single one is unique, just like yourself. And that is a great combination. So, do you want to enjoy the freedom of freelancing as well as get the most out of the benefits that come with working for, in addition to being part of a warm & professional team? You’ve come to the right place.

What you will get out of this:

1. A fixed high salary
On average, your salary will increase with 25-35% when compared to your current income, even if you are going through a time of sickness or fewer assignments. And yes, this also goes if you haven’t worked as many hours or if your client didn’t pay out on time. You always get paid.

2. We arrange your acquisitions
We will bring in the jobs, but always whilst keeping the dialogue open with you. That means no more stress about landing a new project. Leave that to our expertise!

3. Free as a bird
Pretty much, at least. We try to create freedom for you to decide which projects you take on, how many holidays you need, how high your hourly rate will be and how far you are willing to travel. Of course, it is not always possible to meet every single expectation, but we think we can proudly state that we have a knack for arranging the better type of projects as well as rates!

4. Zero administrative duties
Because you want to focus on your profession. We understand. Hence why the back office will take care of all legal and administrative matters. Don’t think twice about it, they are on top of it.

5. Out of work?
It happens to the best of us, having no ongoing projects for a short while. Don’t worry! We will pay you a daily compensation for any day that you’re not working. A nice thing to keep in the back of your mind – there is always that safety net to fall back on. Plus, we offer the most exciting internal projects for you to sink your teeth into.

6. Feeling secure
Because it’s us who bear the risks. From disability insurance and liability cover to clients who refuse to pay or go bankrupt.

7. Never stop learning
When you work fitlance at, you are working with passionate colleagues who share vast amounts of knowledge and experience. This means you’ll have a sound board, the opportunity to learn together and a way to develop your skills even further. To us, it’s key that we always offer you the highest quality of service, so we find it important to keep honing our own skills as well. We invest in education and training courses to always keep improving, which is beneficial for the client, you and ourselves. It’s a win-win-win!

Fitlance and the DBA Act

As a fitlancer, you are registered on the payroll of This means you do not have to worry about the DBA Act. The DBA Act was introduced to provide clarity to clients and the self-employed regarding the employment relationship they are entering into together. If the Tax Authority states that there was in fact an indication of employment, both you and the client would be responsible for the fiscal consequences, such as the repayment of payroll taxes.

In practice we have noticed that many organisations are a bit cautious when there is a risk that a temporary project is assessed as an employment agreement by the Tax Authority. So it happens more and more that when it comes to certain projects, companies avoid working with freelancers and the self-employed and prefer working with professionals who are already part of an existing employment contract – for example, professionals who have entered into a secondment or fitlancers.

Fitlance, too good to be true?

No! We know it would almost seem that way. is a strong and succesful organisation, meaning you can always count on fruitful projects from interesting clients. We have an impressive track record and a large network, so there will always be a project that is just right for you. That too, is fitlance at

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