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No, this is not going to be a 'toilet duck advises toilet duck' story. We promise. That being saidChoosing the right recruitment agency is not easy. Just having a good feeling is not enough and choosing an agency because they are a self-proclaimed expert in a certain area is not enough. But how do you choose the right one from all those recruitment agencies? The agency that fills your vacancies quickly and above all well? The recruitment and selection party that truly understands your needs and only provides real solutions and talents that will benefit your organisation? In short: how do you choose the recruitment agency that really adds value to your company?

We will give you a hand!

Generalist or specialist?

In other words: all-round or specialised. All-round recruitment and selection agencies can fill virtually all possible positions for you; from administrative employee to account manager.. Within all-round recruitment agencies you often see two models: recruiters who specialise in a particular job group, for example finance or ICT and recruiters who are responsible for all vacancies at one client. All-round recruiters are often employed by large companies that have various roles to fill.

Specialised recruitment agencies have specialised in a particular job group. They have knowledge of the market in which the client operates, have a network within the job group, know who the competitors are and have substantive knowledge of the job profiles and associated necessary competencies and skills. For specialist roles you need an agency that specialises in them. Only then will recruitment agencies add value to your business.

Experience with similar clients

Often recruitment agencies have references on their website. From this From these you can already Whether the agency has experience with similar companies. You can also find out by looking at their vacancies or asking in an interview which clients they work for and which positions they have recruited for. The more similarities there are with your organisation and needs, the better the match between you and the recruitment agency.

Are recruitment agencies a suitable business card for your company?

Because the recruitment and selection agency that works for you is a calling card for your organisation. So find out how they work and which recruiters are recruiters exactly who will be working for you. Does their working method match yours? Do they (broadlyDo they adhere to the same norms and values and does their communication style match that of your organisation? The recruitment agency that acts for you represents you as a company. Ensure that dit matches with your organisation and corporate identity.

Who is the recruiter?

Because that is not always the person with with whom you had the acquisition conversation with! Therefore learn the recruiter who actually If you were to join forces, get to know the recruiter who will actually work for you. Do you have confidence in this person? Does he fit in with your company? Does he have the right knowledge, experience and competences to fill your vacancy(s)? Not only the agency, but also the person must be a good match with your organisation and its needs.

CV sliders or connectors; how does the initial selection work?

There are, unfortunately, plenty of recruitment agencies who present candidates without first meeting them (orCorona, extensively via Teams or Zoom). Except for a rare stroke of luck, this costs both the candidate and the organisation unnecessary time. So always choose an agency that offers face-to-face interviews.toFace-to-face selection interviews before introducing candidates. That saves everyone a lot of time and energy.

Find out if we are the right recruitment agency for you?

As promised, this is not a 'We of WCend advise WCend' story become. But we do want to discover whether we are the recruitment and selection agency you need! That is why we would love to get to know you, digitally or Contact us, we like to get to know you!

And that good feeling we talked about at the beginning? It is not a guarantee of success, but it has to be right.

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