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6 misconceptions about secondment

You have no permanent colleagues

Yes and no.
Yes, because secondment is temporary. You know that and so do your colleagues. This can mean that you don't get to know your colleagues as well as you would like and that you don't build up the same bond as regular colleagues do with each other. However, in practice, our assignments are often extended, which means that our people soon become part of the team for a longer period of time.

No, because you are always part of our HIRE team. We don't place you with a client just to cash invoices. Nope, rather not. Even if you are (temporarily) working for a client, you are still one of our Hire colleagues. So we call each other regularly just to catch up and check how you are doing, you join the team outings, you are in the company WhatsApp and we do everything we can to see each other face to face on a regular basis. In addition, most of us are also in our office one day a week during an external project. It's very cosy.

It is temporary and therefore you never have a permanent contract

That would be miserable. So we don't do that. When you are seconded via HIRE, you can count on the certainty of a permanent contract. That is a nice way to work (and fair, let's face it).

You are a number

Our motto is 'we don't push CVs, we connect people'. We do not simply place professionals with clients, but are always looking for the best match. We hold extensive interviews and (competency) assessments so that we can really get to know you. Only then can we make the match that benefits everyone. And besides, you have plenty to say for yourself, don't you? Of course, we want you to be happy in your job.

I have no say in the assignments

Yes, this one is a bit of a double-entendre after the previous paragraph but we prefer to emphasise it again. Better safe than sorry, right? Look, of course we want our clients to be happy, but above all we want you to be happy. It is of no use to anyone if someone is involved in an assignment against their wishes. That is why we do not do that. We always look together with you at the assignments that are available and together find out where you fit in best.

There are no training and development opportunities

Your assignment is temporary, so the chances that a client will invest a lot of time and money in your development are pretty small, let's be honest here. That is why we do it. We find it important that you continue to develop yourself and therefore we offer many training and development opportunities. This way, you can continuously develop yourself and get better at what you do.

My data is shared with many companies

Well, no. Nobody is waiting for that, are they? Of course we will handle your CV and personal data with discretion and care. Not only because we think it makes sense, but also because it is regulated by law.


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