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Recruitment and selection, secondment, midlance and international recruitment is what we do. How and for whom?

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Looking for that one perfect colleague? That's all you're looking for, but a lot more? We'll help you. Whether for a permanent or temporary assignment or on a project basis, we will find the best candidate. We don't slide resumes but connect people. Fast, personal and no nonsense.


In need of temporary reinforcement or specific expertise? We deliver the flexible capacity you need quickly. We find the candidate that fits the vacancy and your organisation perfectly. This gives you the knowledge and expertise you are looking for; immediately deployable, immediately productive, for the period you want.


As a midlancer at you have the financial benefits of freelancing with the certainty of a permanent contract, best of both worlds! You can choose your own assignments and decide for yourself how many vacation days you have, but also a safety net and no administrative hassle.


Boundlessly ambitious? For example, because your organisation operates internationally or because you need specific expertise that cannot be found here. Thanks to our extensive international recruitment network we can quickly find the expertise you are looking for. From A(zia) to Z(uid-Africa): been there, done that.

Employer branding

A structurally powerful employer brand. What candidates dream of and what employees are proud of. With our employer branding strategy we market your organisation as the place where you want to work. Together we build an irresistible employer brand that no one can ignore.


The right talent in the right place; the key to success for every organisation and every professional. Having a clear picture of existing competencies is invaluable. With our assessments you will quickly gain insight into all available competencies. You also immediately see where strengths, opportunities and development points lie.

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