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When flexibility and quality go hand in hand

Are you in need of additional temporary capacity or a specific type of expertise for a particular project? Or are you looking for a short or long-term replacement? Thanks to our secondment option we can deliver the flexible capacity you need in no time.

Finding and hiring (temporary) staff can take a lot of effort, cause administrative hassle and be very time-consuming. We are happy to step in and take this out of your hands. We have access to a large network of specialised and experienced professionals who are ready to help on a flexible basis. What’s more, we also employ our own staff, such as very experienced Python developers, Data Analysts & Scientists as well as .NET developers, who are available to you.

The perfect (temporary) candidate

We’d like to prove to you that flexibility and quality can in fact complement each other very well. We locate candidates who fit both the vacancy and your organisation to a tee, so you are connected to the knowledge and expertise that you are looking for; immediately available, productive from the start, for a duration of your choice.

Quality over quantity

It is of key importance to us that our colleagues and contracted candidates are happy with their job and are presented with new exciting challenges every day. This is why every single one of our contracting or secondment assignments provides a learning curve, a challenge and interesting subject matter. In our experience, both the candidate and the organisation will benefit from this.

Secondment and the DBA Act

When a professional enters into a secondment, they are registered on the payroll of This means you do not have to worry about the DBA Act. The DBA Act was introduced to provide clarity to both clients and the self-employed regarding the employment relationship they are entering into together. The purpose of this legislation is to counteract false self-employment. If the Tax Authority states that there was in fact an indication of employment during a temporary assignment conducted by a self-employed professional, both the organisation as well as the self-employed party are liable for the fiscal consequences. An example of this could be the repayment of payroll taxes in addition to possible fines. Subsequently, this could impact the entrepreneur deduction for self-employed individuals.

In practice we have noticed that many organisations are a bit cautious where temporary assignments are concerned. Companies want to avoid any risk that could lead to their temporary project being assessed as an employment agreement, which could lead to (financial) consequences. So it happens more and more that when it comes to certain temporary assignments, companies prefer to work with professionals who are already part of an existing employment contract – for example, professionals who have entered into a secondment. The professional in question is already employed with, therefore neither they nor the organisation needs to be concerned about the DBA Act. It’s that easy.

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